Saturday, December 9, 2017

remember fall semester?

So since I left you hanging all semester long, here's a quick tour of the fall semester:

 We welcomed the start of the semester with a pancake breakfast for our Art majors living in our new Art Village on campus.

 Oh, and remember the Great American Eclipse of 2017?  

 It was pretty cool.  We live in the totality zone and had a great view from the comfort of our front yard.

 It got weirdly dark for a couple of minutes and then returned to the hot, humid August afternoon.

 Remember Cheeto Bear?  Luke made a teddy bear out of cheesy poofs and after a couple of exhibits it sat in the sculpture studio all summer.  So many chemicals it didn't mold or decay.  So naturally we set it on fire.

 Pack those cheesy poofs in your emergency tote.  They burn forever.

 It's pretty funny to look through those early photos now after just seeing the same people stress over finals.  See how happy and carefree they look? 

 The wood project started the semester as always, introducing so many new people to the joy of power tools.  Still one of my favorite parts of teaching sculpture.

 We drove up to the apple festival.  It was odd.

 Mom and LJ still grow apples and give us all the bad ones to feed to Frosty.

 I got to teach Adara this semester.  Never a dull moment with Adara in your class.  She's a joy.

 Remember when I made a giant steel sign for that church?

 We kicked off Art Slogging in the heat and kept up a good group all semester long.

 There's the sign painted and installed.

 Macks finishing up her wood project.

 Sloggers featuring Justin with his award winning crazy socks.

 We sold this guy at the Phobia exhibit.

 We did it later in the semester this year, but I did get my river time with the Art Dream Team minus James who had to move that day.

 I super-ninja installed this sculpture at USC Upstate one day after school.  In and out in 20 minutes.

 We did the Art Hike to DuPont State Forest.  See that girl in the middle?  I saved her life.  Full on white water rescue.  It was awesome.  

 The whole group in front of Hooker Falls.

 Carved a pumpkin with a power tool for Halloween.

 Art Sloggers turned out for the Moonshine 5K at school.

 Oh, and remember when we had that world famous artist come do a sculpture workshop?  That was awesome.

 Jim Arendt, me and his work on the wall.

 Ha ha, and remember when Cessquatch and Katertot came to my reception?  That was awesome too.

 Cessquatch brought me a dozen doughnuts.  She's cool.

I dressed up like Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation for our Halloween party.

 G and I got to get away for a couple of days to Charleston.  That was awesome too.

 The family made me stay home for Thanksgiving this year.  I made them go hiking.

 And remember just a week ago when we finished off the semester with the cool annual Christmas Tree lighting event?  That was awesome too.

I'm so very lucky and honored to be surrounded by so many awesome people.  I'm really grateful.  It's been a busy semester but it's been a great one.  

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