Saturday, July 2, 2016


It's time for the Summer Studio Sale.  The one time of year I invite people to my house.  

Saturday, July 16 you'll be able to tour my small drawing and sculpture studios and purchase super cool artwork at super affordable prices.  Here's what you need to know:

The location.
Set your GPS to 6815 Hwy 49 Laurens, SC 29360.  

The date and time.
July 16, 10am to 5pm

The goods.
Drawings, sculptures, and wearable art will be available from me.  Cool, new folk art will be available from my friend Leroy Perkins.  This year I'll also have a limited number of "The Book Of Skulls" paperback books and special studio sale tshirts available for purchase.

The prices.
There will be some cool free things at the door for all visitors while they last.  There will be art priced from $5 up to the hundreds.  There's no gallery commission here so this is as cheap as you'll ever see it.  

The payment.
We take cash from everyone.  Checks from family and friends.  We can also accept Paypal payment to

The foods.
Georgie is planning to set you up with complementary snacks and drinks worthy of the drive.  I'm talking sweets and drinks and all sorts of great goodies.  Spend a lot of money and I'll make you a PB&J for the road.  

The giveaway.
Everyone who attends will be entered to win an ink on wood drawing.  Everyone who makes a purchase gets entered a second time.

The internet.
If you cant make the drive, you may make internet purchases beginning at 10am on July 16.  Please text , email or call me to be sure the item you want is still available.  You must pay by Paypal at the time of the purchase.  Paypal payment can be made by using the "send money" option (to or you can email me and we can send you an invoice by email with Paypal link for payment.  Please add the shipping cost to the price when you pay.  If you don't pay shipping, arrange to pick up your item.  *Shop online below*

The truth.
If you've never made it to the sale in person, you need to come.  There will be tons more than just drawings and sculptures available.  Steel mugs, flowers, keychains, jewelry, yard art and even art made by my kids will be here.  There will be things that you never knew existed but you can't live without.  

Come on, you know you've always wanted to come to Laurens.  Here's your chance.  Let me know if you have any questions.


*If you're shopping online, please arrange to get the items from me or plan to pay shipping

First, the goods from Leroy Perkins...

 He calls these "circle flowers"  They're about 12" across and there are 5 of them.  $20 each.

 These are flowers made from golf club heads.  There are 5 available.  $25 each.

 Golf club dog.  $25

 Small bird made of bolts.  $15

 Small bolt bird.  $15

 Big bolt bird.  $30

 Small bolt bird.  $15

 Bolt flowers.  $25 each.

 Bolt flowers $25 each, Grasshopper and Bee are sold.

 Piano key flowers $20

 Piano key flower $20

 Piano key flower $20

Piano key flower $20

Recycled whale wall hanging $20

And these are very cool paintings on wood by Leroy Perkins.  $40 each
He's also promised do bring me two larger paintings before the sale.

and now some of my things....

 Original keychains.  1"x1" and 1"x 2"  These are ink on paper under resin on steel.  $5 each.

 6"x6" on wood $25 each.

 8"x8" on wood $40 each (bird is sold).

 6"x10" on wood $35 each

 Tshirts!  Heather Green and White.  Small, Medium, Large and XL $15 each.

There are also steel mugs, vases, bowls, roses and other crafty things available.  And all of my drawings and sculptures found on my website at are available super cheap.  Let me know if there's something you want and I'll give you the price.

I may add a few more photos later.  Other items will only be available at the sale including some giveaway items.

I hope to see you Saturday!  Let me know if you have questions.


 Snake drawings, ink on wood, 9.5"x 3.5" $20 each.

 8"x8" ink on wood $40 each

dog and cow angels 9.5"x9.5" ink on wood $40.  coffee angel 9.5"x7" $40.  fancy fish 8.5"x10.5" wood frame $50

 Bolt weenie dog, 10" long, $20

I found this long lost "hooligan" today.  4.5" tall.  $50

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