Wednesday, March 12, 2014

baby cookout

So ESnipes is having a baby.  ESnipes is our painting/drawing professor and she's amazing.  Great painter, great person and soon to be a great mom.  Our close knit department has been very excited for her this entire academic year and everyone wanted to do something special for her and Wes before she disappeared into maternity leave.  

The idea of a baby shower seemed great as long as we could NOT call it a baby shower.  So we invited our entire department over to Singletary's house and had a baby cookout.  No actual babies were cooked at this event.

 Everyone arrived and took over the back yard.  There was a corn hole game, a badminton game and croquet.  Everyone seemed to know corn hole, but we had to make up our own rules for the high class games.  

 Gifts were not encouraged but we did sneak a little and get everyone involved to create a book for ESnipes and Wes.  Everyone took a small piece of paper and drew, painted, wrote or otherwise decorated it.  Then all the pages were assembled into the book Singletary is holding in the photo above.  That's Wes and ESnipes beside Singletary.  Wes is the one who is decidedly not pregnant.  

 And of course it got weird fast.  After we ran out of ideas for making badminton a dangerous contact sport the students got bored and started doing something they called "dancing".

 And since I'm old and not gifted in the dancing arts, I stood back and took blackmail photos.  My favorite part was catching awkward faces.  Those faces belong to Cessquatch and Slagle.

 That blurry macarena face belongs to Tylan.

 And that's Sean creepy smiling and Nich making the face he makes pretty much every time he sees me.

 And that's Chloe's face.

 I stole this photo from Laura.  This was when Slagle and I juggled the croquet balls.

And I stole this photo from Paige.  Laura and I were on the same team but we don't always see eye to eye.

It was great weather for our first cookout of the season.  The next cookout will be the senior cookout and it's going to be a tough one.  The seniors at this cookout were already getting a little sad about leaving in May.  We may have to drag a few of them across the stage at graduation.

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