Sunday, November 10, 2013

a holiday, a shed, a hike and some art

 This semester seems unusually busy.  The days sort of bleed into one another.  It seems like we just started having classes and now it's almost Thanksgiving.  And since I can't keep up, here's some things that happened since the last time I was here...

 We found a Saturday morning to go to Stewart Farms before Halloween.  We did the usual amusements there and then picked out a cool pumpkin.  

 That afternoon we carved the pumpkin and made a cool jack-o-lantern.

 A couple of days later it was Halloween.  That's Robot Blue and Dorothy Ariel from the Wizard of Oz.  (and her little dog too)

 Last Saturday we got to explore a little inside G's grandparent's peach shed.  Lots of cool stuff up there to see.

It's easier to appreciate the beauty of a half bushel basket when you're not carrying it filled with peaches through knee high, dew covered grass in the middle of summer.

 The next day I hiked to the top of Table Rock.  This was an interesting trip.  It was a student led, student planned event at school.  Oddly enough, all the students backed out and the student who was in charge of it and really wanted to go, she got sick the night before and couldn't make it.  But Professor Slagle and his entire family showed up and even brought along a school friend, so we took full advantage of the perfect day and headed up the trail.

 The leaves were very colorful, the air was crisp and cool and you could see for days.

 It had been a very long time since I'd been to the top, so I was thrilled to get this chance to go.

 This is Tyler scaling the summit.  

 It was well worth the drive and the hike.  

 The view from the bottom looking up.  

 Then last Thursday was the opening reception for the 701 CCA South Carolina Biennial 2013 Exhibit.  G and I drove down to Columbia to attend.

 It took all my social skills to walk around for an hour and a half and to try to talk to people.  I enjoyed seeing the work.  That one up there was probably my favorite piece in the show.  It was made by Diana Farfan.

To be honest, we mostly stood around looking at art and watching people.  I thoroughly enjoy watching people interact with my sculptures.  I would love to know what's really going through their minds.

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