Friday, October 11, 2013

When we left our heroes in the last episode they were battling to the death in the first ever Sculpture Deathmatch.  Night had fallen and at the deadline both sculptures were installed on Lander University's scenic campus.  When the sun rose the next morning, here's what we saw:  

 "The Cardinal" by my Advanced Sculpture class.

Ever the overachievers, they went big creating a sculpture that is about 10 feet high.  They used the heaviest things they could find to create an abstract scene of a cardinal sitting on a branch watching over an egg in it's nest.  The nest is a cast iron bowl with wires taken from an old electric organ.  The tree is made from old pipes and part of an old light pole from the university.  The cardinal is made from a discarded steel sculpture.  

 "The Optimist" by the underclassmen team.  

My team members chose to design their own sculpture without my help.  Since neither of them has ever had a sculpture class and only one has had the basic 3D design class, I offered my input early in the designing stages.  They listened and then chose to ignore me.  And this is pretty much exactly what their sketch looked like.  I was little more than a machine, welding the pieces of steel in place as they put each one where it belonged.  

 the view from the opposite side

Voting began Monday Morning and lasted for 24 hours.  It happened on Facebook and since I don't exist there, I'm not sure exactly how it worked but I think only people from our Lander art page voted.  When the votes were counted...

 Team Awesome won.  Kayla and Oscar, the underclassmen were rewarded for their great work in front of a group of art majors.  They received the official Sculpture Deathmatch trophy and they got to sign the official Sculpture Deathmatch flag made by Georgie.  

The Deathmatch was fun and it cost very little.  The sculptures were created with 95% recycled materials.  We bought only a few cans of spray paint and a few anchor bolts.  By far most of the money that was spent was for food and drinks.  I hope this will become a biannual event.  Heads up future Advanced Sculpture classes.  The bar has been set high.

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