Saturday, October 13, 2012

great moments in sculpture #52

Critique photos from the plywood project.  These are not all the photos and not all the projects and students are represented....sorry, I'm just not patient enough to load them all.
 Andre's device to stop him from smoking
 Tav's iPhone holder so she can't reach it
 Whitney's nail biting preventer
 Kelsey's portable stool of discomfort
 Megan's blinders, earmuffs and protective vest
 Sean of the dead's turtle shell to protect him from me
 The shell attracted a few visitors like Abby...
 and KJ
 Emily's sunflower for holding sunflower seeds
 Brandy's concentration helmet
 Lydia's sarcasm shield
 Anne's key holder bracelet
 Katie's reading nook
 Jaaziah's phone case
 Leigh Ann's pressure point machine
 Taylor's backpack
 Abby's ears and satellite dish
Shawny's bug slapper slapping the Cessquatch
KJ's blond "fro-hawk" and Amish beard disguise

1 comment:

Nora said...

I don't believe mere plywood could block my sarcasm...and I'm not sold that a turtle shell would defeat you, had he made a cat to crawl in... ;p