Friday, June 29, 2012

a taste of my own medicine

Back in the spring I had my advanced sculpture students create painted steel flowers for an outdoor installation.  They cursed me under their collective breath as they hammered, cut, polished and welded the inorganic steel into organic sculptural forms.  I may or may not have secretly laughed at their struggles. 

Enter kharma.

I was recently commissioned to create......a bouquet of flowers.  It's still a little top secret so that's all I should say.  But here are photos of my own struggles.

 Almost 150 petals cut out of steel

 Almost 150 petals ground, sanded and polished

 Almost 150 petals bent by hand into curved forms

 A handful of leaves also cut, polished and bent

 Flowers welded together

 Flowers finished along with a steel vase

 Have I ever mentioned how much I hate to paint?

 I think these are called Black Eyed Susans

View from below

Sculpture project number 7 for the summer completed.  Working on number 8 now.

1 comment:

Java said...

I may or may not be not-so-secretly laughing at your leaves and petals karma moment.

They look like Black-eyed Susans, which I suppose is the point. So you done good.