Sunday, September 18, 2011

strange currencies

Good news:
Molly got an art job! If you have more time than I do, feel free to scroll through the last few years of blog posts and read about Molly. The short version is that she changed her major to sculpture years ago and her mother saw fit to blame me. I ended up promising her mother that Molly would not starve to death and would be able to find gainful employment with her sculpture degree. Molly begins work in a week or so at the Columbia Museum of Art which is great for her and it means that I'm off the hook with her mom. Win-win.
And this little green guy had a good weekend. He nabbed the 1st place sculpture award at the 38th Annual Juried Show put on by the Spartanburg Artists' Guild.
G and I sorted through the works during the reception and she and I picked our favorites. Neither of us chose my own....which now that I think about it could be worrisome. My pick won something in mixed media and hers won 1st place in painting. Her pick placed higher, so she won the contest. She was nice enough to buy me a congratulatory coffee on the way home.

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Java said...

Congrats to Molly, and congrats to your little green guy.