Friday, August 12, 2011

back in the ussr

An internet stroll turned into an image search which led to this very odd find. It was like finding a whole room of people talking about you while you were sitting right there in front of them.
I never new my work was about democracy and the "freedom of action within human laws".

Metal "newcomers" from Douglas Macabi (Douglas McAbee)

American sculptor Douglas Macabi (Douglas McAbee) weirdo. Not only that, he writes in his biography, was raised by wolves like a balloon, in deep space. It also creates a painted steel sculpture unusual, resembling aliens, monsters, or well out of the animated film "Monsters, Inc.", which in their unpretentious simplicity reminiscent of children's crafts clay. But people, however, I do.

His artistic career began as Douglas Maccabi graphic designer and worked in this field for over 15 years. But at some point he realized that the call is still waiting for him somewhere else, and that the time for self-realization, there are fewer - and found a lesson for everyone. So, for now Maccabi is a professor of art at Lander University in the U.S., and creates its own unpretentious sculptural installations made of steel, to the delight of myself and the people for amusement.

Sculptures Douglas Maccabi resemble, as already mentioned, alien beings, but as for me, there are more similarities with the Soviet playgrounds that were built in parks and gardens in the distant 70th - 80th of the last century. You remember them, swings in the form of dogs, slides in the form of elephants, and other "attractions", created for children by unknown masters.

Although, if no kidding, the bright-color abstract forms, invented by the author, looks quite interesting and even pleasant, if not look for hidden meaning in them, and be perceived as another fad pretty weird creative person Maccabi Douglas (Douglas McAbee).


Dennis_Churaev 3/19/2011 8:33 p.m.
In my opinion, the general style of a few "children." Not bad would suit to decorate children's playgrounds. However, although I would hardly put it all in my apartment, some products I like ... More precisely only the trees on the latest photos. It is unlikely that I would have bought something like "a green tree on wheels. Well, I love crafts of iron, so thanks for the picture interesting.

charmik6 3/19/2011 9:57 p.m.
In fact the aliens are very suitable for children's playgrounds or parks. The child sees the figures in his imagination. It's very simple and unpretentious, childlike. The author really came down to us from the "deep space". I myself would have bought a couple of aliens (but only for a symbolic price) and would put them in the garden, somewhere near the bench.

SVENN 3/19/2011 twenty-nine past ten p.m.
Although I do not quite understand how the interior can be used for most of this design, but these glands I definitely like it.

luckshmie one forty 03/20/2011
but what have the interior? your home is worth a lot of sculptures?

Oxan 3/19/2011 10:33 p.m.
Find creative solutions that will attract the attention of modern society is very difficult. It seems that even the author does not aspire to complex structures, but rather seeking the simplicity of forms and ideas. Unpretentious metal sculpture reminiscent of children's creations, and it is close and understandable to everyone, even to buy and put them into your home not everyone wants.

luckshmie 03/20/2011 1:42
so what have your own house? :) It's probably for garden decoration, or for cultural and entertainment centers, restaurants, in general, non-residential premises.

bija088 [LiveJournal] 03.20.2011 six twenty-nine
Democracy, what is good, his freedom of action within the framework of human laws, too, in art, like a man this way of working, let them work

Marina 03/20/2011 7:12
Nice stuff. Above all, they "will not have anything," just to please.

Keny911 eight fifty-two 3/20/2011
Nuu ...) on the aliens are not very similar, but it looks very fun and interesting.)))

lyalyaka123 03/20/2011 10:42
but what no meaning here is, I think uverena.mne everyone in life has ever created such things as a child. just before their call was not accepted and art exhibit on display

maestro999 3.20.2011 1:19 p.m.
Very similar to children's toys)
I really liked this creation in its simplicity and originality. Not everyone is to conceive of such. I think that these sculptures will be very even to the point in children's institutions, venues and parks.

rustdotko 03/20/2011 4:38 p.m.
Every man to his own taste. As I duck these masterpieces are not very much, but as anyone. Although the work was carried out qualitatively and with a peculiar taste.

wladipavlo 3.20.2011 4:47 p.m.
good girl ... a talented ...

Lan 03/20/2011 thirty-one past nine p.m.
And the eye is not pleased, and economy is not amiss.


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Java said...

Maccabi - though the eye is not pleased, your works are masterpieces. But not very much. At least the work was carried out qualitatively. Also, you are a weirdo.

Some of these comments read like modern poetry.

e-sketchbook said...

I really like "Maccabi".

It's better than "weirdo".