Tuesday, July 5, 2011

scenes from the beach

forgive me if most of these images feature my kids. blue and violet have become performers and they know how to get a camera on them.
decidedly not my kid. velma and the mystery machine

an orange parrot on blue

a green cat for violet

blue suddenly wanted to be a zombie. g wrapped him up in some toilet paper (there was a minor definition lapse between "mummy" and "zombie" but the resulting performance was the same) and off he went terrorizing the town.

there was some sand art: a giant fish monster washed up and tried to eat the dynamic duo.

half eaten

blue with our bearded man. he and another kid demolished seconds later.

there was some alligator wrestling
we spotted a tic-tock croc which of course meant there would be....

captain blue

the violet terror

and captain hook himself

they discovered adventure golf and loved it
and someone had a birthday. i'll be nice and not tell you her age.

there was a wedding right in front of our balcony. blue said the preacher looked like a vampire. don't miss grandma's purple crocs.

but soon the vampire and purple crocs were upstaged by the kite surfer.

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