Wednesday, June 8, 2011

we have moved

Way back when I was in high school there was an old farmhouse on highway 9 that I passed every day. The house was pretty much falling in on itself and when the folks moved out they proclaimed their departure in an unusual but clever way. With a can of black spray paint, one of them printed in very large letters all the way across the front of the house "WE HAVE MOVED".

I guess that's one way to do it.

These days we are logging on to websites and filling out forms at the post office to declare our exit from our home of 16 years.

We loved our old house. We were less than a minute from the Waffle House, the Bojangles and the grocery store. I had a paved and scenic running track that was exactly 3.1 miles in one lap. I had a lawn I could cut in less than an hour.

But life on the plantation is good. We have to wait 9 extra minutes for Waffle House and more like 15 minutes for Bojangles and the grocery store. My running track is all grass now which is easier on the knees and it takes 5 laps to reach 3.1 miles. The yard takes 12 hours to cut and well, there's just no way to make that sound positive.

But the view from the front porch is nice...


Java said...

I'm thinking that a yard that takes 12 hours to cut should be left to grow naturally into meadowland. At least 11 hours worth of it, anyway. Find a friendly neighbor with a tractor to run over it once or twice a year with his mower attachment. Life is too short to spend 12 hours mowing the yard.

mwise said...

that view looks like heaven.

Austin said...

what a dream view. congrats :)

e-sketchbook said...

j - twice a year sounds about right. i cut so much grass i think i upset the ecosystem.

m - sounds like heaven too. cicadas, crickets and jackals.....some banjo in the distance.

a - thanks. the little dogs love the big yard.