Tuesday, May 24, 2011

little known fact

When sculptures bore me or otherwise get on my nerves, they get cut up and recycled into new and more effective sculptures.

Such was the case with an early yellow unnamed sculpture and "Lady" a light purple sculpture from grad school. Each sculpture had a particular area that I thought was interesting but each was lacking that "something" to communicate a complete idea. Both of them needed to go away.

Lucky for "Lady" and "Old Yeller" I was taught to recycle long before recycling was a cool thing to do.

The image below reveals just how these two "parts" were fused together with new steel in order to more fully solve the problem of communicating a specific persona through abstracted imagery. The armature is visible as well as the steel "skin". You can also see the welding seams as they appear before they meet the grinder.

The resulting sculpture was painted bright red and named "Ethel's Daughter". Some of you may know that "Ethel's Daughter" made the trip to North Charleston, SC recently to be a part of the 6th Annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition at Riverfront Park. She also won an Honorable Mention Award at this show.

You can view a photo of her in her new location and read an artist statement by going to the website below:

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