Thursday, February 24, 2011

shapes into forms

Meet Doris. Two months ago Doris had never made a sculpture, never welded and never even considered something called a plasma torch.

And this is Doris about a month and a half ago using the plasma torch to create a sculpture.

And this is Doris welding her steel organic shapes together into a 3D form.

And this is Doris basking in her own glory. The glory of knowing how to weld like a champ, knowing how to artfully wield a plasma torch and having just completed her first sculpture.
Justin just escaped from this photo but his sculpture did not. If it matters, Justin brought in his finished sculpture while wearing a sweet black suit. Presentation is everything.

This is Kaitlyn. She is cutting out shapes. Shapes that are rounded and smooth and safe for toddlers of all ages.

This is Cate. She welds like she's been doing it all her life. She even has a special welding shirt. We're still working on her taste in music.

This is Ellen and her shadow working together. When Ellen coughs her shadow coughs too.

This is Bradberry (not to be confused with E-Berry). His sparks are just as impressive as his cutting goggles.

And this is E-Berry (not to be confused with Bradberry). She LOVES welding and sculpture. She may tell you she hates it and that I'm evil for forcing her to work so hard during her final semester of college, but it's all a show. She loves it. She's having fun.


mwise said...

These are fantastic!

Austin said...

The shadow is workin' it, love it!