Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gumby, Elmo and Ceramics

The first half of the semester has been very good. Good students, good projects and good progress in the direction of some early goals. Still a very long commute but how can you complain when you have Gumby living in your Sculpture room to greet you every day with his permanent wave?

When Gumby made the move from his Graphic Design job to his new life in Academia he needed to be able to suit up. These young ladies are tying Gumby's new necktie in place.

I'm pretty sure I could write a sitcom about my Ceramics class. We have a good time and these students are doing some really surprising work. Thanks to SandySingletary we've got some sweet glazes to put on these projects. I'll need to write about Eli and Doris at some point but there's no time for that today. I have to spend the rest of my time trying to decide why this next photo cracks me up so much...

Is it the facial expression? The matter of fact folding of the arms? Maybe it's the beanie on his head? Or could it be the Elmo slippers?
I didn't win an award but it's a good show and a nice website. If you're in the Chicago area you can't see the Cubs play so run by the library and see my drawing in the show.

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