Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bubba revisited

Bubba has been living at SeaLevel Systems, Inc in beautiful Liberty, SC for several years now. The sun and the mulch during that time had him in need of a bit of a makeover so I made the trip to fix him up. After a couple of hours of sanding and scraping here's what Bubba looked like:

And after several coats of new paint, here's what he looked like after:

Good luck buddy. I'll see you around.

Also, today I ran into someone I have not seen in years. She was a student of mine ages ago, before I was teaching at the college level. She's all grown up, getting married soon, and she's now teaching elementary school in my home town. It's so cool to see people do well for themselves. Good for you Coop-doggie-dog. -And now that she's a professional person and all, I should really stop calling her that.

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