Friday, October 30, 2009

but let's talk about me

detail of "The Shiny One"
The Winthrop Fine Art & Design Faculty Exhibition will run 11-9-09 through 1-14-10. The opening and Winter Reception for Winthrop University Galleries is 6:30-8:00pm Friday, November 6. Come out and see some great and interesting new work from Winthrop's teachers.

Also in November.....The Arts Council of York County is presenting the Third Annual Art Frenzy. The Art Frenzy is an exhibition and art sale designed to promote the appreciation and collection of art by the citizens of York County. At the Frenzy, artists agree to sell their work at very affordable prices so almost anyone can afford to own some very good art. All the art is small (under 20 inches) and cheap (nothing over $150.00).

The sale takes place Thursday, November 12. Although a private group will have first shot at purchases, the sale opens to the public at 7:30pm. This is a great idea to promote art and to support artists and it's an idea that deserves support. If you cant attend, at least send the idea along to your local arts group and try to get something similar started in your town. And below....a couple of victims of my recent storage problems can be yours for very low prices. These used to me mine and they can now be yours:

Cyrano Joe
Painted Steel
Ink on Paper (Framed no Glass)

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