Monday, June 8, 2009

Waterworks Show

Photos from "Shared Delusions" the show at the Waterworks Visual Art Center in Salisbury, NC with Barbara Schreiber:

Barbara's work is very cool and if you've never seen it, check out her site at
I was asked four times at the reception how long I had known Barbara and how many shows we'd had together. I had to tell all four people that Barbara and I had never even met. However, we did meet later that night and she's great. Our work deals with very similar ideas and we both chase after images that are intentionally vague.
The reception had a great turnout and those who came early were treated to an artist talk by Marge Moody. Marge's acrylic paintings are on exhibit throughout the Waterworks and it was very interesting to hear her speak about the idea of "thin places" and how she seeks to communicate those places through many of her paintings. "Thin places" refer to physical locations where the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is very thin. These places feel special to us for reasons that we can usually not explain logically.
The exhibitions manager at the Waterworks is/was Sarah Leonard and she did a spectacular job at organizing, scheduling, and arranging this exhibit. I say "is/was" because the night of the reception was her last night as an employee. As she moves on to grad school the fine people at the Waterworks Visual Art Center will have some very large shoes to fill.
And one more thing.........
the hooligans are coming.

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