Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this will make no sense

I remember an exhibit of sculptures at Winthrop 15 or so years ago. Each sculpture was an artistic coffin. Each one designed with imagery to reflect something about the person who used to live in the body the coffin was made to fit. It was a good show...lots of color and gloss...and yet there was a heavy sense of dread in the gallery. You wanted to laugh and enjoy but you just couldn't.

Our oldest dog was 14 last fall. He was tough as nails. He had several operations in that 14 years and was deaf and blind for the last 4. Now he's in a small ornate wooden box on the mantle. He was an excellent dog. The box is dignified but not playful and that bugs me a bit. He did love to play.

Creatively I've been idle for a couple of weeks. I've worked on some frames and cut some panels for mounting drawings, but that's not the fun stuff. I've had several very different ideas churning in my head for both 2D and 3D work. I'm trying to separate the sheep from the goats so I can get back to work. I woke up this morning ready to start something new. Nothing circumstantial has changed...I'm just ready.

My drawing exhibit is up at the Chapel Hill Public Library in NC now through mid-March. It consists of 15 of my framed ink drawings and work by Wendy DesChene.

And if you want proof that 2009 will be a better year, I offer you this:
The band Clem Snide is back together and there's a new album out next month along with a tour. Yes we can.

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Carlee L. said...

At the frame shop, a lady came in shortly after the new year to have something framed and the first thing she said to me was, "Did you know? 2009 is THE Year." I said, "The year for what...?" "For whatever you want. This is the year."
I was a little creeped out. She was this old, serene, wise-sounding woman... booh. weird.
I hope I'm not repeating myself. I've been forgetful lately.