Thursday, May 1, 2008

trying a new thing...again

You know that crap you hear on the mainstream radio? That empty, cold, paint-by-numbers garbage? Well, this is not that. Instead, these are the jarringly honest admissions of a troubled guy set to some great music. Some of it is brutal. Some of it is beautiful. All of it feels honest.
Listeners may like it or they may not, but the writer doesnt seem to care. It sounds like Duritz has decided to be true to himself again....something he's accomplished on occasion with great success. The result gives the listener a few odd glimpses into the writer's mind and his way of seeing the world around him.
The moments of real connection between writer and listener are successful not because the listener knows specific details of Mr. Duritz's life, but because Mr. Duritz finds ways of tapping into those shared experiences as a human being.

In other words, there's enough space left within this personal narrative for us to see ourselves.

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