Friday, January 4, 2008

seriously, it's not a blog

I think there's some rule that indicates all persons who keep a web presence are obligated to do some sort of year end top ten list or at the very least create a list of resolutions for the new year. Lucky for me I never really read the terms and conditions regarding this rule.
Realistically speaking, there's only one person I know that reads this thing (besides me) and I could probably just tell her my favorite things about the past year next time I see her. And I'm not quite stupid enough to post any goals for the new year here since that would only generate more guilt when I chicken out of them.
So I've tried to think of the things I would want to be reminded of when I read back over this months from now. Last year I met Mean Joe Greene, a classic member of the Pittsburgh Steelers (and Coke commercials) and found him to be extremely kind and graceful. I slept through most of tropical storm Barry. I carefully watched the development of an infant into a toddler. Saw the Avett Bros. play live twice. Made 5 new sculptures (and while that's not a big number, it's 4 more than the previous year and represents a return to real production). I became environmentally friendly. I paid attention to the seasons. I watched for hawks. Got attacked by a cicada.
As for the coming year...yeah, I have some new goals. I may even write them down or say them out loud. It could be a great year. Dream big. Dare to fail.

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