Thursday, October 11, 2007

Please Do Not Climb

No score and seven years ago I installed a sculptural installation called "Sweet Dreams" on the campus of Winthrop University. The installation consists of 5 steel chairs ranging in height from 8 feet tall to 24 feet tall and was permanently installed in a highly visible location.
While there are four markers around the sculpture clearly declaring that climbing is forbidden, it has become somewhat of a rite of passage for students to physically interact with the chairs during their time at Winthrop. And as you might expect in our digital world, no physical interaction would be complete without photographic documentation. And then posting that photographic documentation on the internet.
So now, with the power of the almighty keyword image search...I give you a few of my favorites:

Mr. Gnome is modest and humble about his astonishing accomplishment. This next guy doesnt look like he's going to make it, but then gets really cocky.

It seems important to note the behavior, posture, and actions of the viewers in the photos. Not the sort of behavior you'd expect in a gallery or museum of art.
There is something honest about this type of response to public art.

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